All news 06.01.2020

Vascular surgeon Dr. Angel Angelov achieved a scientific degree assistant profesor


The long-time vascular surgeon of Acibadem City Clinic Varna and pioneer of laser ablation of varicose veins in Bulgaria, Dr. Angel Angelov has acquired an academic title of Associate Professor. Assoc. Prof. Angelov defends his scientific degree Doctor of Medicine with the monograph "Endolumenal ablation of varicose veins". He has a plenty practice of the method that he introduced in Bulgaria.

In 2004, while working in Germany, Prof. Angelov became acquainted with laser ablation in phlebology. In 2006, he conducted individual trainings at leading phlebology centers in Rostock, Bonn, Jena and Leipzig, from which he received the relevant certificates.

In his attempt to introduce laser ablation of varicose veins in Bulgaria, Assoc. Prof. Angelov has great difficulties. It was necessary to invest exclusively and only his personal funds in order to obtain the necessary equipment. In 2007 he conducted the first enlarged vein surgery using this method. For several years he has been training a dozen specialists in vascular surgery who are beginning to apply ablation in our country.

The Medical Center in Varna is one of the first medical establishments where laser ablation of varicose veins is routinely performed. In Acibadem City Clinic Varna, Assoc. Prof. Angelov has performed hundreds of operations with many grateful patients. The method is minimally invasive, does not require a long hospital stay, leaves no scars, no infections. It is suitable for people with comorbid conditions such as cardiovascular and diabetes, as well as for overweight and elderly people.

Our team is proud to work with such a highly qualified physician who introduces new technologies and persistently upholds his principles of development and progress in medicine.