All news 18.08.2020

The hematologist prof. Gercheva is examined in the clinic in Varna


A significant name in hematology - Prof. Liana Gercheva, began examinations at Acibadem City Clinic Varna. With her presence, the clinic has enriched the list of medical specialties by adding a rare and sought-after specialty and expanding the complex approach to patient care. Prof. Gercheva examines with an appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday before noon.

Prof. Gercheva examines patients with diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs: various types of anemia, lymph node processes, blood clotting disorders and others.

"The main task of the hematologist is the timely, at the earliest stage of recognition of the developing disease, in order to start fast and most appropriate treatment," she emphasizes.

Prof. Gercheva has acquired specialties in Internal Medicine, Clinical Hematology and Social Management, Doctor of Science. In 1996-1997 he specialized in bone marrow transplantation and hematopoietic stem cells in Israel, Hadassah Medical Center, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Shimon Slavin. In 1999, the High Attestation Commission (HAC) awarded her the title of "Associate Professor", and in 2018 a scientific jury selected her as a professor at the Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov "- Varna.

Her long professional path passes in the Department of Internal Medicine and the Clinic of Hematology at the Medical University in Pleven, where she is an assistant, senior assistant, chief assistant. From 1994 to 1996 she was the head of the Department of Internal Medicine at MHAT "St. Anna" - Varna. Until 2020 she worked at the "St. Marina” Hospital and the Medical University - Varna, as from 2004 to 2019 she was the head of the Clinic of Clinical Hematology, and from 2004 to 2020 - the head of the educational-scientific sector of hematology at the Department of Internal Medicine. MU "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov "- Varna.

Lecturer of generations of students specializing in Internal Medicine, Clinical Hematology and Transfusion Hematology, Prof. Gercheva is a regular member of the examination committee for obtaining a master's degree in medicine and for obtaining a specialty in Clinical Hematology.

Prof. Gercheva is the author and co-author of over 240 scientific papers in Bulgarian and international journals, of which 2 textbooks, 3 monographs, 3 manuals for diagnosis and treatment of hematological diseases and 10 review papers.