All news 08.06.2020

O&G specialists examine women with colposcopy for cervical cancer


Obstetricians from Acibadem City Clinic Varna started a study for cervical cancer with a new device. Using the colposcopy method, they detect changes in this part of the female genitalia quickly and painlessly. The examination with a colposcope has a higher diagnostic value than the cytosmear and gives results immediately.

Cervical cancer is an insidious disease, the detection of which is crucial for treatment. Every year the newly discovered cases in our country are about 1100-1200, and the deaths - 350-400.

Regular check-ups and properly appointed and performed tests can detect it at a very early stage when it is treatable. The research is also conducted in English by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elise Ismail.

Cytosmear is the most common type of test that is inexpensive and easy to apply. However, it is not informative enough to detect early changes in the cervix. In colposcopy, it is examined under a microscope after smearing with special solutions. The result is known immediately.

With the new device, the doctors from the Varna clinic are expanding their "Women's Health" program for early diagnosis of oncological diseases in women. It includes breast ultrasound, mammography and an MRI scan to diagnose breast cancer. Consultation with a mammologist-oncoplastic surgeon and biopsy complete the possibilities for diagnosis of this disease. In addition to AG-examination, cytosmear and colposcopy, experienced radiologists perform a pelvic scan for early detection of cancer in women.