All news 09.08.2019

New specialist analysis results in Imaging diagnostics


Dr. Daniela Kaloyanova is the new doctor who joined the Imaging Diagnostic team at the Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center Varna. Hereditary physician, she is a young specialist with a number of qualifications. Dr. Kaloyanova reads results of X-ray, Computed tomography and MRI.

The doctor has graduated from IV Language School and Medicine at the Medical University - Varna. Since 2016 she has been a teacher of Bulgarian and foreign language students at the Medical University - Varna, where she takes classes in the Department of Imaging Diagnosis and Radiation.

For almost 8 years she has been working on projects of the Bulgarian Red Cross related to disadvantaged people and children.

She has an internship as a radiologist at an independent imaging laboratory and has until now worked as a physician at St. Marina’s Hospital.

She speaks Russian, Spanish, English and German.