All news 14.11.2017

National Information Center of Acibadem will facilitate patients in Varna Region


The Varna office is the 3rd office in Bulgaria and its services are free for patients

Patients from Varna and Eastern Bulgaria can now use the services of the Acibadem Information Center located in the sea capital of Bulgaria – the town of Varna. It will facilitate and provide support in diagnosis and treatment options in all Acibadem hospitals in Bulgaria and Turkey. The Varna office follows the ones in Sofia and Plovdiv, and its services will be free for all patients. Thus people may get comprehensive care and treatment in state-of-the-art facilities, provided by skilled physicians and latest generation of technologies and devices.

 Those who choose Acibadem for their further treatment will have the unique opportunity of access to all benefits of the health care chain in the two neighbouring countries. Patients in Bulgaria can get a second opinion by Turkish specialists, while those who have undergone severe surgeries in Turkey may enjoy the preliminary preparation and/or follow-up care in Bulgaria.

Currently, there are 35 Acibadem Information Centers in 22 countries worldwide. The healthcare chain boasts with its 22 hospitals and 20 outpatient centers in 5 countries, Bulgaria being among them.


Contact Information:

Varna Acibadem Information Center

Contact person:          Mrs. Mirela Ilieva

Position:                     Office Manager

Address:                     81 Vladislav Varnenchik St, Varna 9000

Phone:                        +359 (0) 885 997 779