All news 06.08.2018

In the summer heat you can also perform laser ablations of varicose veains


The warm season is not an obstacle for the treatment of varicose veins using the method of laser ablation, says vascular surgeon Dr. Dimitar Golemanov MD. He has not stopped performing the procedure all summer and is often sought out by Bulgarians who use their return from abroad to solve their problem.

The physician and his team performed several hundred laser ablation procedures at Adibadem City Clinic Varna for the last 5 years. The success rate of the method is about 98% and patient reviews are excellent.

Expanded veins are an underestimated problem that many people postpone over time. The reason for this is the fear of pain during surgery, hospital stay and long recovery. In laser ablation, all these circumstances are minimized. This is a mini-invasive operation whereby a laser fiber enters the vein and causes it to contract. The patient is observed within the day, after which he can go home and return to his routine activities. The trauma and pain are small and the rest period is short and easy to handle.

Laser ablation successfully treats all symptoms of the enlarged veins - heaviness, swelling, pain, swelling of the legs, as well as cosmetic defects associated with the disease.

"It is good to learn to add less salt or significantly reduce its intake. Good hydration is extremely important - you need to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It is a useful habit for the tired legs to pour cold or lukewarm water from the ankles to the hips. More exercise, sports, especially in people with family history concerning this condition". Dr. Golemanov advises.