All news 29.09.2020

In Acibadem City Clinic Varna you can make a flu vaccine for the whole family


Vaccination is the main and safest way to avoid the flu and prevent complications from the infection. With the onset of autumn and the cold months, the first flu infections begin. Regardless of their intensity, viruses should not be underestimated.

Even with minimal symptoms and mild flu, patients can be carriers of the infection and cause infection to the elderly and chronically ill, as well as people with immune deficiencies. It is the minor infections that contribute to the continuous circulation of a virus in society.

Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center Varna offers its patients an Influvac vaccine suitable for the whole family. The vaccine has 4 ingredients / tetravaccine / against influenza viruses from strain A and strain B - the most common culprits for influenza epidemics.

Vaccination is suitable for everyone, but is highly recommended for:

1. Elderly people over 65 years

2.  Children

3. Chronically ill with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma

4. Cancer patients

5. Working among more people, incl. teachers and students

6. People with immune deficiency for various reasons - HIV / AIDS, immunotherapy, corticosteroid and radiation therapy, transplanted patients

Before the vaccine is given, patients will be examined by a physician to determine their health status.

It is recommended that vaccination be given before the start of the flu season in September and October to allow time for antibodies to form, which takes about 20-25 days. The main ingredient contains a certain inactive part of the flu virus, not the whole virus - so it cannot cause flu.

The examination and the vaccine can be given directly during a visit to the medical institution from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 3 pm.

The influenza vaccine does not protect against either infection or COVID-19. The two viruses differ greatly in composition, although they are transmitted in the same way. However, protecting the body from the flu will certainly increase the body's defenses against other airborne infections.