All news 02.03.2017

English patient thanks to our employer Volen Ivanov


The regular Patient of Acibadem City Clinic in Varna Mr. Adrian Dain from Great Britain sent a comprehensive thank-you letter to our employee Volen-Nikolay Ivanov. Until recently, he worked in the Call Center and was recently promoted to International Funds and Patient Expert.

Volen-Nikolay Ivanov was known to some of the people who call, like the man's voice from the call center. His initiative and his desire to be useful encouraged him to accompany and translate the English-speaking patients, most of whom are permanently living in Bulgaria. Apart from helping foreigners, our younger staff member is already in charge of working with the international funds and assistance companies, with which Acibadem City Clinic in Varna is partnering.

In the patient's letter, Mr. Dane says, "I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful help that Volen Ivanov gives me at every visit to Adibadem City Clinic Varna." As a foreigner in Bulgaria, I, unfortunately, know a little Bulgarian. Has always been brilliant in his support in all medical cases - something I need while I'm in Varna.

Despite his obvious workload, he always spends his precious time explaining me with care and patience and my life would be significantly impeded without his help. I would like to offer my sincere thanks for this. You have an incredible employee in the face of Volen and I wish him a successful career. "