All news 14.09.2017

Dr. Valkan Ivanov introduces England's experience in breast surgery


A new specialist joined the team of Acibadem City Clinic Varna - Dr. Valkan Ivanov, a surgeon and consultant in oncoplastic breast surgery. He returned to his hometown after 6 years of working in the UK, gaining considerable experience and skills in the field of surgery.

 “In the United Kingdom, I have mastered a wide variety of established methods for preserving the female breasts in oncological diseases. I am confident that the methods will be well received by women in Bulgaria who are diagnosed with such illnesses. We will work with the specialists in Imaging Diagnostics from Acibadem City Clinic Varna, who are experienced and professional", says Dr. Ivanov.

Dr. Ivanov graduated from the Varna Medical University in 2002. He has worked as an assistant for general, mini-invasive and biliary liver surgery at Varna Navy Hospital. In 2011 he earned a degree in General Surgery at Varna Medical University.

Since April 2012, he has been working in England, starting from a position as a general practitioner in Ashford (Kent), and for the next four years he has established himself to the highest clinical hospital position in the United Kingdom, a consultant-surgeon.

Among the specializations that the doctor hasgained are ultrasound of vessels, microsurgery, laparoscopic surgery, breast reconstruction and mammography. He has practices in hospitals and colleges in the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Sofia Military Medical Academy and Sofia Medical University.

At Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center Varna, Dr. Valkan Ivanov will examine as a specialist in general surgery and oncroplasty surgery consultant, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 14:00 to 18:00 with pre-made appointments which you can book at 0700 33 900 or 0892 202 080, as well as via e-mail to