All news 18.08.2020

Dr. Petar Dobromirov conducts laser ablations of varicose veins


The vascular surgeon Dr. Petar Dobromirov started performing laser ablations of varicose veins at Acibadem City Clinic Varna. He learned the application of the modern minimally invasive method from Dr. Dimitar Golemanov - a doctor with many years of experience and hundreds of procedures.

"The benefits of laser ablation are many, but the most important - no hospital stay is required and patients recover faster. The procedure is also done during the summer months. As a professional, I am satisfied that I can advance with this modern method and apply it in Acibadem City Clinic Varna ", says Dr. Dobromirov.

He graduated in medicine at the Medical University of Varna. He has a degree in Vascular Surgery and a Master's degree in Health Management. He improved his professional skills with Assoc. Prof. Victor Knyazhev at the Clinic of Vascular Surgery at "St. Anna ” Hospital -Varna. He has completed a number of specializations in ultrasound diagnostics, Doppler sonography of limbs, he has extensive experience and skills in the field of arterial and venous surgery. He perfected himself in bloodless methods of treatment of venous diseases.

The young specialist also has lasting interests and practice in the diagnosis and treatment of wounds, as well as in the prevention and treatment of vascular complications in patients with diabetes.

Dr. Dobromirov examines in his individual practice at the Medical Center "Mladost" at 15 Republika Blvd., 5th floor.