All news 18.08.2020

Dr. Bozhilova: How to protect the skin of our hands with increased disinfection


The dermatologist from Acibadem City Clinic Varna, Dr. Tatiana Bozhilova, reports an increase in patients with eczema and allergic reactions as a result of the frequent use of disinfectants. To protect in the conditions of intensive disinfection, she gave the media "Nova Varna" 5 basic tips.

"Constant treatment with disinfectant leads to severe drying of the skin of the hands - there is a loss of water, lipids, the skin thins and its natural barrier protection falls. To prevent contact irritative dermatitis or allergic dermatitis, people should carefully choose cosmetics, disinfectants and take special care of their skin. This is especially true for patients with drier and more sensitive skin, "says Dr. Bozhilova.

1. Choose a hydroalcoholic gel for disinfection. Different types are available in pharmacies. This type of gels are formulated to moisturize the skin and prevent drying, flaking and itching.

2. Carry hand cream in your bag, which in addition to moisturizing and lubricating the skin. Immediately after disinfection with a detergent in the store or in a public place, you can apply the cream. It is good to do this from time to time to protect the skin of the hands ", recommends the young specialist.So-called barrier creams have already been developed. They protect the skin with a special layer that is preserved even after one or two washes. They are designed for people with dermatitis and reduce the aggressive impact of the environment.

3. Be careful with the soap! Especially people who already know that their skin is more sensitive should replace ordinary toilet soap with a detergent designed for dry atopic and allergic skin.

4. “Some professions require working with latex gloves. Combined with the warm weather in summer, they keep your hands constantly sweaty. If they contain talc, it additionally causes allergies. That is why I recommend wearing gloves with a cotton coating on the inside, which prevents this problem, "says Dr. Bozhilova.

5. In case of redness, peeling of the skin, itching, splitting - do not delay and seek medical advice. The dermatologist will choose a way to follow the enhanced disinfection measures and at the same time keep the skin of your hands protected.

"There are benefits to the situation with frequent hand washing and disinfection - many people reminded themselves that they should use water and soap not only once a day and think more responsibly about hygiene. Indeed, the hands are our contact with the world around us, we do not realize how often we touch different objects, our face, other people and so inadvertently spread infections of different nature, "says Dr. Bozhilova.