All news 06.01.2020

Dr. Baklova: If you have nail fungus, seek a doctor in time


Dr. Desislava Backlova is the newest specialist in the team of Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center Varna. The doctor has many qualifications and extensive experience in the field of skin and sexually transmitted diseases. In the closed-shoe season, it is the most commonly encountered nail fungus problem.

Onychomycosis is completely treatable if adequate medical attention is sought on time. The causes of this mycotic infection are many, but most often: increased sweating of the feet from wearing tight shoes or socks. Contamination can be obtained by doing a manicure or pedicure with poorly disinfected tools.

All conditions that lead to a weakening of the immunity also help to spread the fungus more easily. Important role plays the way of eating, whether a healthy lifestyle is led, smoking also affects it and alcohol abuse. Some diseases - diabetes mellitus, and the long intake of some medicines - corticosteroids, antibiotics, are also a prerequisite for the more frequent development of nail fungus. The risk factor is the use of public swimming pools, hot springs, saunas, gyms.

The disease is localized on the nails, but very often combined with a fungal infection of the skin and palms. If you see a thickening, staining or distortion of the nails, the right reaction is to seek help from a dermatologist. He will appoint the necessary tests and individual therapy. Patient patience and perseverance are also required for the treatment to be effective.