All news 15.02.2017

Albena Ivanova is our new manager Work with patients


In an effort to be in constant dialogue with patients and to provide ever-higher quality medical care Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center Varna has opened a position for a Patient Care Manager. Albena Ivanova will personally address all issues and case studies related to patient care.

She was a long-time front-desk assistant with extensive experience in various spheres of medical services. Albena knows perfectly the work of the medical center, the team, as well as the attitudes and concerns of the people who come to seek healthcare here. She is already responding to e-mails, complaints and questions, discussing them with the team, and jointly looking for better ways to work at the medical center.
"We pay special attention to every issue, we look at it and we discuss it with colleagues, we know that we have a lot to improve in the work of the medical center and quality is the number one goal of our team," says Albena Ivanova.
She is open to talking to patients and seeks solutions to their questions in the fastest way. He solves case-related documents, deadlines, procedures that inevitably arise in the many thousands of patients who choose to study and review at Acibadem City Clinic Varna.