All news 09.11.2017

A Prompt Examination on Kidney Stones Will Prevent Future Complications


“Do not postpone a consultation with an urologist, in case you have Nephrolithiasis (or a.k.a. kidney stones). Promptly measures on their removal will prevent future complications and infections of the urinary tract", advises Dr. George Panayotov. The urologist at Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center – Varna has an extensive experience in breaking down concrements in kidneys and the urethra through a procedure called lithotripsy.

The Medical Center works with one of the most modern devices, and the procedure is bloodless and of maximum comfort for the patients. Lithotripsy is a sparing method to be applied only if a stone is of a certain size. If measuring 2+ cm, other methods, including surgery, are required.

“Lithotripsy at Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center – Varna is done under ultrasound supervision. Our device allows to “see” the X-ray negative stones, too. The patient is comfortable lying down without the need to rotate during the procedure. Yet, it is important to seek a specialist’s advice in due time”, explains Dr. Panayotov.

He and his fellow urologists from the Clinic have conducted hundreds of procedures for the past 4 years. Patients from all over Eastern Bulgaria turn to the specialists in Varna because lithotripsy does not require prolonged hospital stay for more than one day and that is why it is well tolerated. It is also covered by the National Health Insurance Fund.