All news 24.11.2017

Radiation Treatment with Holding One’s Breath is the Safest Method of Protecting the Heart for Patients with Left Breast Cancer


Acibadem City Clinic Cancer Center performs a synchronized method of minimal doses of radiation in the heart and the large blood vessels in cases of diagnosed breast cancer

A radiation therapy with breath holding in patients with left breast cancer is a method of post-surgery treatment minimizing the radiation to the heart and providing rapid recovery after the procedure. This modern intervention is now applied at the Radiotherapy and Radio-Surgery Clinic, headed by Dr. Nikolay Nedev. His experienced team of highly qualified specialists provides minimal trauma and internal damages to the body organs thanks to the extremely precise planning procedure and the observance of the current safety intervention protocols.

A radiation therapy with breath holding is the only method working with precise accuracy in targeting the beam and, at the same time, provides dose elimination for the heart. The irradiation is done with deep inhaling. The breath is to be hold for one minute, when lungs expand and so distract (move way) the heart from the chest wall. By a machine command after this minute, the patient starts breathing normally again and, after resting, breathes in deeply again. This procedure requires a synchronized action by an expert in the Radiation Therapy and Radiosurgery Clinic as well as by the patient. Specialists with years of experience at Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center precisely perform the breath-holding radiotherapy with the utmost respect for patients and their convenience during the intervention. The irradiation is controlled via the control panel of a modern linear accelerator and, in the event of fatigue and/or exhalation, the irradiation automatically interrupts – until the patient inhales again.

The Radiation Therapy and Radiosurgery Clinic is an integral component of the Oncology Hospital and has the world's most modern radiotherapy devices. Unlike standard irradiation techniques, Varrian's two TruBeam linear accelerators work with extreme precision and dose reduction in the surrounding healthy tissues and organs. One of them has STX specifications aimed at forming small, high-focal field radiation. In addition, the Department is equipped with a modern uniue for Bulgaria brachytherapy system for prostate cancer, preserving the prostate and its basic functions.

Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center has been established as a leader with extensive experience in the implementation of modern and curative methods of treatment. The Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Clinic works with clinical pathways and procedures under National Health Insurance Fund and patients do not need to make additional payments.