All news 27.01.2017



The Books in the Hospital Initiative was held in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the opening of the Hospital.

More than 100 Sofia citizens as well as guests from all over the country donated their old favorite books in the Books in the Hospital Initiative – it aims to share books with its patients during their inpatient care. Now every patient can get a book from the library at the Non-medical Care Center, read it during their stay and leave it for someone else to read.


Psychologists encourage reading while at hospital because it develops concentration as well as reduces anxiety in the hospital environment. The average stay of a chemo patient is 3-5 days. The Oncology Clinic offers several reading places – in the room, at the lounge-like waiting rooms, at the Infusion center. If a patient does not feel like reading, a staff member shall read out loud for them and/or talk to them about the challenges patients face after hearing the diagnosis. Emotional and psychological care is among top priorities of the medical and non-medical staff at Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center. Besides, the staff is working with the patient’s closest relatives and friends who will later provide support to the patient. 


In 2016, the staff has provided care and support to more than 270 people. On the other hand, some newly diagnosed 1,500 people were treated while more than 20,000 have visited the outpatient and therapeutic departments of the Oncology Center. Nevertheless, the main focus of the work of the hospital remains the individual tailored approach as well as the training and care provision at home.