All news 03.01.2018

A Center for Non-Medical Care at ACIBADEM City Clinic Cancer Center Has Been Launched to Provide Care and Support to Patients and Their Closest Ones


The Center for Non-Medical Care has launched the groups since Januar 2018

The Center for Non-Medical Care at Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center has launched its support and relief activity with the introduction of Mutual Care groups, aiming to provide emotional support to the directly affected family members and closest friends at this difficult stage of their lives.

Mutual Care Groups will be held with the professional help of a clinical psychologist, Dr. Margarita Torren and the clinical social worker Alexander Milanov of the Center for Non-Medical Care, providing a secure environment of trust and empathy. Moreover, it is a prerequisite for sharing experiences among people facing a similar life situation. When sharing in a group, people know they are not alone in this difficult process. It is an opportunity for families who have lost a relative to learn from the experience of other group members and together seek the way to overcome the difficult moment and return to a meaningful life.

Assisting children at this difficult stage requires specific expertise and this is why the Center for Non-Medical Care has introduced the first Mutual Care groups in Bulgaria with a focus on them. If a parent, grandparent or other family member is lost, a child is given the opportunity to talk about what has happened, to express their experience of loss and to get emotional support in an individual session or a small group.

The support groups for adults and children are held once a month at the Center for Non-Medical Care at Acibadem City Clinic Cancer Center.

If you wish to join such a group or consult a specialist individually please do not hesitate to contact the Center for Non-Medical Care at +359 (0) 2 413 73 41.