All news 15.10.2018

The medical physicians of Acibadem City Clinic Cancer center were ranked first in Europe for effective dosage in radiotherapy


The results achieved are another recognition for the professionalism and high level of treatment technologies applied in the centre

The team of medical physicians at Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Department at Acibadem City Clinic Onco Centre were ranked the first in Europe for dosimetric planning of cancer patients’ treatment. The excellent results of the Bulgarian physicians are from an international competition where best practices in radiotherapy planning from all over the world were presented. The prestigious competition was organized for the third year by Radiation Knowledge with the participation of 2000 medical physicians from 85 countries. This recognition to the physicians of Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center places them among the leading specialists in that sphere together with the representatives of India, China and USA. The precise planning of the dosage at radiotherapy is extremely important for patients and for the successive results from the treatment. The good teamwork among medical physicians, oncologists and radiology technicians is of great importance for the progress and the success of each radiotherapy procedure.

Yana Yankova got 89.01scores out of 100 for the presentation of her breast cancer treatment plan /3D – CRT/. The result brought her the deserved 5th prize in the world but first in Europe; only the representatives of India, Columbia and USA were ranked higher than her. Alexander Avramov and Desislav Stoyanov were ranked 11th and 13th respectively in the same category for planning. So, three representatives of Bulgaria in total are among the first 13.

Besides in the category of breast cancer treatment planning, the medical physicians at Oncology Center participated with proposals for lung treatment dosimetric planning /SBRT/. The proposed treatment technology and the implamentation of stereotactic radiotherapy as per Alexander Avramov’s plan was among the leading treatment plans with 99.36 scores.

The results achieved at the international competition are not only the cause to be proud of but they also prove that the Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Department works observing high standards. Thanks to the modern equipment and treatment technologies implemented by the Oncology Centre, the patients get both safer and proved, effective treatment.