All news 29.08.2018

Teams from three hospitals in ACC Group saved a woman with advanced cervical cancer


The patient is in full remission 9 months after the application of the radical integrated treatment including radio-chemotherapy, embolization of uterine arteries, gynecological and urological interventions.

A patient aged 45 with a big cervical tumor at advanced stage was saved with the joint efforts of the teams from three hospitals of Acibadem City Clinic: Tokuda Hospital, Cardio Center and Cancer Center. Thanks to the collaboration of the doctors not only the woman’s complicated life-threatening condition was tackled, but the remission of the oncological disease had been achieved.

The patient came to Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital with kidney failure and excessive vaginal bleeding. She was diagnosed with a big cervical tumor that affected her urinary bladder too. The ureters were blocked, therefore nephrostomies were placed (special tubes that take the urine from the kidneys to the skin) by the urologists at Tokuda Hospital. The consultations with obstreticians-gynecologists (Dr. Todor Dimitrov & Dr. Lachezar Tanchev) showed that there was immediate threat to patient’s life because of the uncontrolled vaginal bleeding and the serious secondary anemia. Vaginal tamponade was performed in the Obstretics & Gynecology Department, then the patient was referred for uterine vessels embolization (blocking) at Acibadem City Clinic Cardio-Vascular Center. The procedure was performed by Dr. Iveta Tasheva and its purpose was to stop the bleeding and to prepare the patient for the coming radio-chemo therapy. The intervention was minimally invasive: through brachial artery (under the armpit) with a catheter the uterine arteries were reached and embolized (blocked). The bleeding decresed immediately after the procedure and stopped the next day.

The treatment of the tumor continued at Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center where modern radical integrated radiation combined with low doses of chemotherapy was performed. Dr. Nikolay Nedev used the most modern radiotherapy technology with intensity modulated radiotherapy and integrated accelerated radiation simultaneously applied on the major tumor in the pelvis and on the affected lymph nodes in the abdomen. The innovative approach has been applied for the first time in Bulgaria on such a big tumor. Usually abdominal lymph nodes are radiated at the second stage because of the toxicity of the standard treatment. Yet, such an approach gives the opportunity for the disease to advance meanwhile. The modern equipment and doctors’ expertise make it possible for the simultaneous radiotherapy of major tumors and abdominal lymph nodes with minimal effects.

9 months later PET-CT examination did not show any traces of the tumor. That gave the possible to remove the nephrostomies. 

The teamwork of the three hospitals, the expertise of the doctors and modern technical infrastructure of Acibadem City Clinic Group has given the opportunity to solve very complicated medical cases like the above one really quickly, adequately in good coordination.