All news 19.11.2018

Prostate cancer is curable if detected on time


The best prevention are the regular examinations by an urologist, recommended Dr. Kamen Nedev

In the month of men’s health Dr. Nedev, the Head of Brachitherapy Unit was invited to the morning show on Bulgaria ON AIR.

“In recent years, perhaps because of the campaigns related to Movember, more and more men have been paying attention to their health“, said Dr. Nedev.

He advised the spectators not to wait for the symptoms to appear because those symptoms are inherent for benign diseases or other types of diseases as enlarged prostate. The carcinoma, however, develops in the periphery of the gland and in most of the cases that insidious disease is detected at a later stage. Exactly that is why men aged more than 45 should obligatorily see their urologist once a year and to carry out clinical examinations and test of tumor markers (PSA). If there is a record of that disease in the family history, Dr. Nedev recommends to start regular visits to an urologist around 40.

Brachytherapy is a form of radiotherapy where the radiation doses are inserted in the tumor itself and the treatment is outward. Patients with that treatment stay for 1 day in the hospital; from 2 to 3 sessions are performed in a month. It has been proved that brachytherapy preserves the erectile function to the highest degree and reduces urinary incontinence.

Unfortunately, there are not large-scale campaigns for check-ups and screening of prostate cancer; Dr. Nedev recommends healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups though as a major method for prevention of this type of diseases. You can hear Dr. Kamen Nedev’s interview HERE.