All news 01.10.2018

"Everything starts with a touch" - campaign of Acibadem healthcare group for early diagnostic of breast cancer


All hospitals in Acibadem Healthcare Group in 4 countries around the world joined the International Month of Breast Cancer Awareness Enhancement.

All hospitals in the Acibadem Healthcare Group in 4 countries around the world joined the International Month of Breast Cancer Awareness Enhancement. The campaign runs under the slogan “Everything Starts with a Touch“, its objective is to remind women that a regular examinationa on their initiative and periodic check-ups with a physician are critical for the timely diagnosis and successful treatment of that disease.

The hospitals in Acibadem City Clinic Group have the the highest quality of modern devices and some of the most experienced specialists in the country for early detection of mammary gland carcinoma. Each hospital does its best to inform women at active age about the easiest and effective methods for check-ups and early diagnosis and about the most modern accessible treatment methods. During October the group’s facebook page, which have more than 60 000 followers, will bear the pink message for more healthy women. Every hospital in the group will put emphasis on awareness by women about the contemporary methods for check-ups and early diagnosis of the disease.

Every year 321 000 new cases are discovered in Europe as the figures of the World Health Organization show.  In Bulgaria 3 500 - 3 600 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year; 1 000 - 1 200 women die from that disease. According to the data of the national Cancer Register the 5-year survival rate of breast cancer patients is more than 70% - higher than other forms of cancer but lower than the average rate for Europe. This is the reason every year in October - the month of breast cancer awareness enhancement, specialists and patients to get united in their efforts to motivate more women to pay attention and allocate time for check-ups.

One of the major factors for successful and minimal traumatic treatment of mammary gland carcinoma is its early detection. Typical for it is that it does not have any specific symptoms. The first modification a woman can spot is the appearance of newly-formed thickness or the so called lump in the breast. Not all lumps are of cancer type, further not all types of carcinoma can be easily palpable (detected by touching). Therefore, today’s recommendations are that women older than 35 should get check-ups at least once a year. Ladies who have immediate relatives (grandmother, mother, sister, daughter) suffering from breast cancer could start the check-ups earlier and more frequently – once in six months.