All news 07.03.2019

Every woman of standard risk should perform mammography once in 2 years


Dr. Viktor Yordanov discussed that only 20% of women have cancer due to their family history. Out of total 4000 newly diagnosed women in a year in Bulgaria 1/5 are younger than 50.

Dr. Viktor Yordanov, a specialist in Imaging Department, was a guest in Social Network programme on Channel 3 on 27 February 2018.

During the discussion he explained which were the modern trends in breast cancer check-ups and diagnosis and thanks to them the disease can be detected earlier, exactly when the disease does not give any signals and you cannot touch a lump. The specialist advised how often women should perform check-ups at different ages.

 „Regarding diagnosis our hospital has equipment that is of high class. It is very important for the doctor, on one hand, because it makes possible to visualize every detail, on the hand it is important for patients because the radiation is minimum.“ – Dr Victor Yordanov.

Contrast mammography and 3D mammography are among the most modern diagnostic methods which are performed at Acibadem City Clinic-Oncology Center. Dr Yordanov showed photos of a woman with thicker mammary glands made with an ordinary mammography which do not show any suspicious zones. When the patient performed contrast enhanced mammography it is clearly visible the coloured areas with intensive venous contrasts in the breast – indication for the presence of a tumour.

Bulgaria does not have an organized screening of breast cancer and every woman should search on her own for consultation/examination. The specialist recommends that each woman aged 25-30 should have a consultation with a specialist to assess her breast cancer risk. Up to 40 at least once per year women of standard risk should have an echography examination, after that to have mammography once in 2 years.

The good news is that through modern methods tumours are detected at an early stage which makes it possible not to remove the whole breast.

The whole interview with the specialist you can watch HERE.