All news 08.11.2018

Dr. Ivan Georgiev was awarded with the second prize from Capital for outstanding achievements and innovation in the healthcare sector


Acibadem City Clinic Heathcare Group received 4 awards

Dr. Ivan Georgiev was granted the second prize of the Capital newspaper during the event under the title “Innovations and Good Practices in Healthcare”. The prize was handed over by Dr. Ivan Madzharov, the Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association, who congratulated Dr. Georgiev and the team of the Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery at Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center. 

The leading radiotherapy specialist received the prize for the development of an innovative methodology for radiation under the conditions of deep inspiration breath hold with patients with left mammary gland cancer /DIBH/. One of the major organs at risk during the radiotherapy of a mammary gland is the heart which is exposed to undesirable radiation because it is close to the target areas. After the treatment of 125 patients with left mammary gland carcinoma that carried out the DIBH therapy in the department it was discovered that there is up to 56% reduction of average and maximal doses in the heart and by 20% in the lung. Such reduction of the doses were observed in the right lung, right breast and liver.

This methodology has been applied in the center with left breast cancer patients for nearly two years. This is the first research of that type in Bulgaria that demonstrates the dosimetric advantages of DIBH. This methodology has been ranked among the first 5 with the best results in 2018 in RT Planning Competition for Radiation Knowledge.

The project ranked as the most innovative by the jury of Capital newspaper is the first operation in the world on non-surgical stent placement with the desiccation of an aorta of a 48-year-old patient performed by Dr. Zoran Stankov, Prof. Ivo Petrov and their team at Acibadem City Clinic Cardio Centre. The patient was treated completely through an endovascular procedure. The recovery period with this treatment method is just a couple of hours after the procedure. The patient can move fully after 2 hours and can be discharged on the other day, which is impossible after a surgical treatment. After the successful implementation the method has been applied to two patients more. At the beginning of the year that unique intervention was covered in a scientific publication by Journal of the American College of Cardiology – one of the most prestigious cardiology magazine in the world.

The fourth prize for innovations in the heathcare sphere got Dr. Tsvetan Minchev, the Head of Thoracic Surgery at Tokuda Hospital for the first Bulgarian operation: substitution of trachea with autotransplant made of the patient’s tissues and blood vessels.

Fifth prize of the Capital newspaper was given to Acibadem City Group, too – to the team of Dr. Kaloyan Davidov, head of Urology at Tokuda Hospital for the first robot-assisted reconstruction of new urinary bladder (natural reservoir) from small intestines because of urinary bladder cancer in Bulgaria.