All news 06.12.2018

Check-up can help for early diagnosis of lung cancer


"Low dose screening is the best screening method for lung cancer" - Veselka Stoynova

"A proven method has been applied in recent years that is suitable for screening investigation of lung cancer and it is the so called low-dose computed tomopgraphy – this is the good news”, said Assoc. Prof. Veselka Stoynova.

In November – the month of fight against lung cancer, Assoc. Prof. Veselka Stoynova was a guest in the morning show on TV+. She highlighted what are the major factors for high mortality rate with lung cancer compared to other cancer diseases of men. The lack of adequate check-up programme is one of the major causes so that this type of cancer could not be detected in time.

“A proven method has been applied for a couple of years which is suitable for screening of lung cancer and it is the so called low-dose computer tomography; this is the good news” said Assoc. Prof. Veselka Stoynova.

Thanks to the development of technology and devices the quantity of x-rays that the patients gets is reduced up to 90% and it is considerably less harmful. Unfortunately, lung carcinoma screening is a personal choice for the time being and there is no programme for that conducted by the state.

Through that examination the disease is detected at an early stage when it is possible to cure it. Therefore, patients who have family history or have smoked a package of cigarretes for 30 years are recommended to perform this examination. Assoc. Prof. Stoynova suggested that namely smoking is the major risk factor fro 85% of lung cancer cases.

The low-dose screening is paid for now but it can be entirely for free if the patient is referred to by a pulmonologist and the pulmonologist gives him/her the respective referral form.

Listen to the Assoc. Prof. Stoynova’s interview here, and learn about the investigation from our article.