All news 13.12.2013

The Cardiac Surgery Clinic at Acibadem City Clinic will be named after Professor Alexander Chirkov


Acibadem City Clinic celebrated its first year since opening.

Acibadem City Clinic celebrated its first year since opening

Acibadem City Clinic named their Cardiac Surgery Clinic after the well-known and respected by all Cardiac Surgeon Professor Alexander Chirkov – founder of modern cardiology and cardiac surgery in Bulgaria. The Clinic was officially consecrated by Father John, a vicar of His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte, Bishop of Sofia and Patriarch of Bulgaria. Also, the Hospital celebrated its first year since opening.

Naming the Cardiac Surgery Clinic after Professor Chirkov, the Acibadem City Clinic team expressed their appreciation and respect for the personality of the most eminent cardiac surgeon in the country, the man who laid the foundations of modern cardiology and cardiac surgery, who trained many physicians and being his students, today they continue his work and promote high European level of treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Bulgaria.

During their first year of medical treatment at Acibadem City Clinic, more than 380 cardiac surgeries, more than 400 vascular and reconstructive surgeries, 3,600+ invasive interventions in the Catheterization Laboratories – both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures – have been performed.

“We initiated a bloodless valve replacement; we helped patients with large cerebral aneurysms, we saved patients who had had heart attacks, we treated patients with almost complete blockages of cerebral arteries and were prone to risk of strokes, we performed procedures to patients with severe vascular issues in their lower limps and prevented sending them for open vascular surgeries and amputations”, said Professor Ivo Petrov, PhD, Head of the Cardiology and Angiology Department at Acibadem City Clinic.

“We performed complicated by-pass surgeries for patients with severe narrowing of the vessels providing blood to the heart, we saved a patient with an aortic dissection in a life-threatening condition, we performed a number of surgeries to patients with impaired function of the aortic and mitral valves, we performed valve-preserving surgeries as well as stent-graft implantations in cases of thoracic aortic aneurysms”, added Doctor Tsanko Galabov, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department at Acibadem City Clinic.