All news 22.05.2017



Dr. Mariana Konteva: „Every minute is crucial in case of infarction”

Chest pain, high blood pressure, fear, panic attacks, sweating, nausea, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness - all these complaints are signs of a serious danger, namely, they are the symptoms of myocardial infarction.



Myocardial infarction can start with tightness or compression in the chest area, with pain that often emits to the left hand, and can continue to the lower jaw, back, right hand or neck. In women, the most common symptoms of heart attack are weakness, fatigue, chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

These symptoms may be permanent, but they may also disappear and appear again, but people sometimes neglect them.

"When the symptoms of myocardial infarction are ignored, sometimes the outcome is lethal" says Dr. Mariana Konteva, invasive cardiologist and CEO of the only one specialized cardiac surgery hospital in Southeastern Bulgaria Acibadem City Clinic Burgas.

"It is not a coincidence that I raise the subject about infarction again, although it has been discussed many times, because despite all the efforts made as a publicity and initiatives by our hospital, we have had dozens of cases of people with the so-called "late heart attack" only for the last month. An infarct that has irreversibly damaged the heart muscle to such an extent that only heart surgery is a salvation for the patient. And because the patient has neglected the symptoms, he/she did not come in time, but hours, even days after the incident" says Dr. Konteva.

In case of a heart attack every minute is important. This disease has an extremely high mortality rate within the first two hours of initiation. It is a blockage of an artery that feeds the heart and its maximal quick-release is the goal of modern treatment so that any delay can cause fatal consequences.

"The task of anyone who has received such complaints is to move alone or with the help of relative or friends within an hour to a cardiac center equipped with an angiographic laboratory. Then the infarction damage to the heart muscle will be minimal and in a few days the patient will be able to return to his usual way of life rather than to a life with a disability, "says Dr. Konteva.

"It is not always possible to treat the infarction with a stent, sometimes it needs  bypass surgery. The advantage of our hospital is that it combines invasive cardiology with cardiac surgery. Every case of a heart attack in Acivabem City Clinic Bourgas is discussed by cardiologists and cardiac surgeons and for each patient an individual decision is made" she stresses.

"There is a progress in people's health culture, but what I can appeal is, by receiving a complaint, anyone should actively start seeking help. Remember that the most important thing in the case of a heart attack is to find emergency medical care in a hospital whit invasive cardiology. Their rapid intervention may be fateful for you" Dr. Konteva concludes.