• Prevention Care Package Detects Early Health Issues

    Acibadem City Clinic Varna has launched a new health prevention package. It is a paid service and includes a variety of clinical services for early prevention of cardiovascular, oncological and other significant diseases. The program is tailored to the individual features of each patient and takes place on two weekdays.

  • National Information Center of Acibadem will facilitate patients in Varna Region

    The Varna office is the 3rd office in Bulgaria and its services are free for patients

  • A Prompt Examination on Kidney Stones Will Prevent Future Complications

    “Do not postpone a consultation with an urologist, in case you have Nephrolithiasis (or a.k.a. kidney stones). Promptly measures on their removal will prevent future complications and infections of the urinary tract", advises Dr. George Panayotov. The urologist at Acibadem City Clinic Medical Center – Varna has an extensive experience in breaking down concrements in kidneys and the urethra through a procedure called lithotripsy.

  • Mirela Ilieva is new office manager in our contact office

    A new office manager took over the offices of Acibadem City Clinic and Acibadem in Varna. Mirela Ilieva is the person who consults patients about the health services in the group of medical institutions in Bulgaria and Turkey.

  • Dr. Valkan Ivanov introduces England's experience in breast surgery

    A new specialist joined the team of Acibadem City Clinic Varna - Dr. Valkan Ivanov, a surgeon and consultant in oncoplastic breast surgery. He returned to his hometown after 6 years of working in the UK, gaining considerable experience and skills in the field of surgery.